We ask that you respect other guest‘s by limiting the amount of noise after 11pm.


The rooms and common areas within the GOLI & BOSI are non-smoking – please use designated outdoor areas. If you set off a fire alarm and fire brigade attends you will be fined. Tampering with fire equipment including extinguishers and fire hoses may result in you being asked to leave the premises.


We do not hold any responsibility for the safekeeping of your personal property in or around the premises. This includes all private and public areas.


Luggage is left at owner‘s risk.

  • Any person deemed a risk to themselves or others will be removed.
  • Any form of abuse towards any staff member or other guest‘s will not be tolerated and you will be evicted of the premises.
  • You will be held liable for nay damages to the property caused by you, the Customer. You will be charged for the damages/call out fee which could result in you being evicted from the property.
  • Eviction is at the management‘s discretion and includes but is not limited to the rules above. Guests who choose not to follow the above House Rules will be asked to leave the resort with NO REFUND.
  • Valid photo identification in the form of a Driver Licence or Passport is required at check-in.
  • Customers are required to conduct themselves in a reasonable and responsible manner at all times when on GOLI & BOSI property and must not act in any way which may disturb other guests. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in a Customer being asked to leave the GOLI & BOSI in which event all sums due shall become immediately payable.

No animals are allowed in the GOLI & BOSI.


Unless expressly indicated otherwise, food and drinks are not included in any rates.
Customers are allowed to bring food and drinks (including alcohol) into the GOLI & BOSI.