With the fast spread of the COVID-19 disease, GOLI & BOSI hostel is keeping up to date on situation development in the world, and since the pandemic was declared, we’re working on implementation of the regulations by the Croatian Ministry of Health, the Civil Protection Authority, while also following the recommendations of the
World Health Organization in order to prevent spreading of the disease. We would like you to know that we welcome guests with same warmth and hospitality as we have always done, we’re well informed on the course of events and educated on the protective procedures. The recommendations and measures are updated daily;
and these are some of the measures and rules in effect.


In order to minimize physical contact, hostel reception desk now has dividers and sanitizers have been offered for the guests and staff to use continuously. The check-in procedure has been more simplified to ensure the shortest possible time spent in the common area of the hostel. Electronic key-cards are sanitized right before being handed over to the guest checking in, and are also immediately sanitized upon the checkout – the guests will not hand over the key and pick them up each time they leave the hostel – it will now be with them for the whole duration of their stay.

Advised means of payment is by debit or credit card, preferably the contactless cards, it order to perform only the necessary contacts. A bank account payment on the basis of a proforma invoice prior to guest’s arrival is also possible.


All common hostel areas are ventilated, cleaned and sanitized several times a day, each day. Hand sanitization posts have been set up on each floor, right next to the elevator, and guests are instructed to use them before operating the elevator or opening the doors. Disinfection of high-contact points such as door and window handles, reception desk surface, staircase handlebar, elevator control panel on each floor and the buttons and all internal surfaces of the elevator including the floor, just as all other floors inside the hostel is performed frequently throughout the day. Right after the check out, besides the thorough cleaning of a room, a disinfection of all surfaces is done using the products approved by the Ministry of Health. We are also rotating the used rooms ensuring that there will be at least 24 hours between the occupancies by guests leaving and new ones checking in the same room. Cleaning staff and maintenance are educated to strictly adhere to and work by all the measures ordered by the authorities. They are using face masks, gloves and sanitizers and are constantly aware of and keeping the proper physical distance.

We hope to meet soon in the heart of the Palace, in hostel GOLI & BOSI.